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    1. Big Papa’s House if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all. You seem like a dissatisfied member of the community who is upset that you have nothing to do with running the village or the development of the GM property. You sound like a Winey child that didn’t get his way !

      1. Retired commish, First off I have not said anything that was inaccurate.
        As far as dissatisfied and winey, well that too is inaccurate unless of course you do not have a problem with an individual who has NO qualifications to do a job he has no business doing let alone looking to be compensated well over $ 100,000 which may I add should not even get a penny for something he has no knowledge of. This village has a capable building department with great expertise and not some political Crony of Ken Wray !!! You must be a friend of “The Big Papa” Davey boy Schroedel.

          1. Just look at that dumb look on Dave’s face in the picture ? Why is he in that photo anyway ?

  2. Remember when Dave “Big Papa” Schroedel would have coffee at J&G with Tommy Cappuccino ? Dave your some friend !

  3. The Fair Weather Mayor

    Reflecting back its quite auspicious how politics work. Just follow the career of mayor Kenneth G. Wray a former friend/ colleague to many with a past track record of being a fair weather politician. Nice to many, true friend to none in my opinion and through this comment I will explain my stance and why I feel this way. In 2007 Kenneth was very friendly with Frank J. Occhipinti then head of the democratic party if my memory serves me to be correct. Kenneth would wine and dine attending parties with Frank drinking expensive liquor promising him jobs, titles and positions within his administration. Then as fate would have it Janet A. Gandolfo would re enter the picture in late 2008 early 2009 if my memory serves me correct pertaining to time frames. Kenneth would quickly realize that Janet had a little more political knowledge and savey than Frank and rather quickly appoint her to village attorney. This was done to procure her services as well as use her as his personal advisor free of cost to him and quintessentially make him untouchable. Kenneth would go on over the next two to three years alienating friends such as Thomas Capposella and David Schrodel. As the 2010 to 2013 time period went on Janet and Karin Wompa became friendly and began sharing close political ideology. Kenneth seeing the writing on the wall that Janet saw through his transparent fakeness began to paint Janet as a corrupt crook who steals grant money. While doing this (this past election starting at the beginning of 2014 through the current election of 2015) knowing that Dave Schrodel was now retired and financially well off decided it was time to mend the fence. Kenneth quickly motivated Dave using him for his money and eagerness to get back involved convinced Dave to run an independent campaign backing and financing him. As of right now currently Kenneth and Dave are thick as thieves. Well Mr. Schrodel you know this mans track record and history has a way of repeating itself so if I were you I would watch out because it appears to only be a matter of time before he turns on you as well. I wouldn’t want to see you become the third stepping stone the way I see it your shelf life with Kenneth only has another 2.5 years or so, so get all you can out of him now.

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